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1) ICT Infrastructure

Networking and systems infrastructure
Network infrastructure includes technologies, standards and network devices which form an essential part of every IT system.

The system infrastructure is the aggregate of physical or virtual hardware devices, operating systems, monitoring services and directory services for user administration and standard office applications, particularly those enabling communication and collaboration across organisations.
• Experienced and certified expert teams
• Advanced ICT infrastructure solutions
• Covering basic ICT needs of organisations
• Data and information availability and mobility
• Optimised ICT environments with low financial and energy demands
• Efficient operational support

Our main ICT Infrastructure solutions include remote access to your organisation’s systems for your employees and external collaborators; wired and wireless connectivity for employees across your organisation; Wi-Fi for visitors and external personnel; directory services and system virtualisation.

Cloud and data centre infrastructure
This architecture is based on system and network infrastructure enhanced with solutions enabling high availability, central data storage, devices balancing computing power and workload, network and server-level virtualisation, and central back-up and archival.
• Enterprise applications accessible anytime, anywhere.
• No server overload problems.
• No data centre capacity problems.
• Zero investment in computing power – use exactly what you need.
• Data at centralised and secure location.
• Measures needed for uninterrupted data centre operation.

Cloud and data centre infrastructure

This architecture is based on system and network infrastructure enhanced with solutions enabling high availability, central data storage, devices balancing computing power and workload, network and server-level virtualisation, and central back-up and archival.

  • Enterprise applications accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • No server overload problems.
  • No data centre capacity problems.
  • Zero investment in computing power – use exactly what you need.
  • Data at centralised and secure location.
  • Measures needed for uninterrupted data centre operation.

Workstation Infrastructure

Workstation Infrastructure is a set of technical devices, tools and operational procedures for minimising problems with user workstations and the cost of their administration, maintenance and licensing. We also provide replacement of physical workstations by virtual machines.

  • Centralised administration.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) support
  • Reduction of operating and energy costs.
  • Instant changes and easy replacement of failed end devices.
  • Increased data and information security

Unified Communication and collaboration

IP Communication
We help organizations realize the full potential of unified communication and collaboration with cost-effective and future-proofed IP infrastructures
The workplace is a hive of constant communication and collaboration. As user end-points and data volumes increase, organizations need to ensure they have the right infrastructure foundations in place.
Legacy and disparate telephony and networking technologies will not only result in spiraling operational costs but also inhibit productivity and agility – essential factors for driving growth.

 Unlock productivity and financial savings

IP holds the key to cost-effective and consistent communication and collaboration in the workplace. By facilitating the adoption of unified best-of-breed solutions, an IP-based infrastructure will:
Reduce operational costs and the need to invest in dedicated telephony lines
Make it easier for staff to work remotely resulting in greater productivity
Accelerate the response to business change and growth

We help organizations unlock these benefits by taking an assessment-led approach to IP communications deployments.

 A risk-mitigated and cost-effective approach

Whether you need to expand your existing IP telephony deployment, upgrade to newer IP communications solutions or migrate from a legacy PBX infrastructure, we can help with readiness assessments, design, technology supply, implementation and support.

Drawing on our extensive expertise, vendor relationships and industrialized processes, we will help you:

Leverage existing infrastructure assets to minimize capital expenditure
Identify new UCC technologies, such as presence solutions, to maximize productivity gains
Minimize risk by proving your implementation plans at our multi-vendor Customer Experience Centre
Simplify ongoing management by consolidating and centralizing video, voice, data and messaging requirements
Visual Collaboration
Visual collaboration tools are opening up new channels across the workplace. From video conferencing and digital media to web meetings and presence, organizations can now connect people and information more rapidly than ever before.

Such unrivalled choice, however, can often result in a disjointed suite of solutions and additional complexity for users. To make the most of visual collaboration, organisations need smart solutions, simple processes and an integrated approach.

 Empower employees, engage customers

With our end-to-end expertise and multi-vendor relationships, we will help maximise your return on investment in visual collaboration. As a result, your organization will be able to:
Reduce business travel costs and time
Enable more flexible working practices
Drive growth and revenue generation through better customer and employee engagement
Minimise the risk of business disruption

 Accelerate adoption and benefits realization

By partnering with us, you will be able to establish a visual collaboration roadmap that is aligned to your business goals and workplace culture. We will maximize adoption and minimize risk and expense by:
Assessing the readiness of IT infrastructure and user groups
Identifying best-of-breed technologies that meet your needs
Leveraging existing collaboration and infrastructure assets
Delivering intuitive user training
Safeguarding availability with reliable support services

Unified Communication
Unified Communication (UC) provides advanced communication options for work teams and individuals. No matter where the individual team members are and what devices they are using, they can choose the most efficient form of communication, from voice and/or video, through Instant Messaging, to desktop sharing or conference calls.
Efficient document sharing simplifies electronic document editing.
Fast and efficient communication for busy users.
Optional chat history logging.
Availability information.

The Unified Communication technology is available for all standard devices, such as PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Despite this diversity, users will always benefit from the same ease of access, and they can use all collaboration methods available.

Call centres
The Call Centres product ensures efficient processing of large volumes of incoming client requests or outbound client communication using calls, emails, fax, chat, texting or video.
Fast and efficient client handling by forwarding the call to a competent and available operator.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality.
Call recording options, service availability monitoring.
Collection and evaluation of call/contact statistics, and campaign implementation tools.

Our Call Centre product is closely linked to our IP Telephony product and it often features integration with CRM and other information systems. The products are usually customised to suit the client’s environment and needs


We provide a wide range of IT computer training courses to individuals and companies. Courses can be delivered in our state-of the-art computer training centers or alternatively delivered on-site at your premises (with the optional use of our mobile IT training suite). Computer Training Room and Computer Equipment hire are also available.
Popular course:
Web Design & Web Marketing SEO
Our web design training courses are aimed at a broad range of people with differing skill levels and objectives. If you require a web presence for your business, this is the course for you. It will allow you to create a successful website or become the Internet “specialist” of your company. It is aimed at both first-time web-designers and to those who have produced web pages but now require expert knowledge to make their sites more successful.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Being found by the top search engines such as Google is one of the most important aspects of your web site. Our trainers have a wealth of experience in positioning web sites in the top 10 of the leading search engines, especially Google.

Your tutor will take you through the steps involved in achieving the best possible rankings using Search Engine Opitimisation (SEO)

The course will be tailored by our team of expert web design trainers who have real market experience building, developing, and creating successful web design projects.

Tailored training

Information Security

Information is the lifeblood of every organisation, which means it must be readily available. To safeguard intellectual property, regulatory compliance and customer relationships, this need for accessibility has to be balanced with security.

With the diversity, volume and location of data all increasing, establishing effective and economical management strategies for information security and storage is a major challenge.

Safeguard data integrity without compromising accessibility

Our Secure Information services help remove cost and complexity from the information management lifecycle by providing repeatable and affordable solutions for:
Network Security
Backup and Recovery
Data Classification and Optimisation
Secure Remote Access

By drawing on our end-to-end infrastructure expertise, extensive vendor relationships and best practice processes, we will deliver pragmatic solutions that safeguard data integrity without compromising accessibility.

Our solutions can be tailored for all forms of datasets, whether they are hosted on the mainframe, in virtual datacenters or private clouds.

Compliant and cost-effective information management

By simplifying and standardising the technologies and processes used to secure, share and store information, organisations will be able to:
Reduce costs: Secure Information will reduce the management burden and capital expenditure associated with growing volumes of data. We will help you deploy scalable solutions that can expand and evolve with your organisation.
Increase efficiency: With a Secure Information architecture, your organisation will be able to take full advantage of remote working and real-time collaboration to boost productivity and agility.
Mitigate risk: By enhancing information security and storage, your organisation will be able to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements for data protection, reducing the risk of costly compliance or security breaches

Network Security
With IT increasingly converging, optimal security is an essential element. Our Network Security services enable customers to reduce risk through the implementation of cost-effective and compliant security solutions

A secure networked environment underpins an organization’s ability to deliver IT services in a protected, consistent and risk mitigated manner.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we takes a holistic view of an organization’s security needs, risks and challenges. Our services include:

Network Technology Evaluation:
We assess an organizations current technologies and new products to define the most cost-effective security framework for the organization.

Identity and Access Management:
From federated identities to security tokens, we can define and deploy the technologies needed to prevent unauthorized access.

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management:
Gain a better understanding of the security risks facing an organization and how to remediate them.

Policy Compliance Management:
We will map the organization’s security measures to current legislation and industry mandates to identify any gaps and enhance performance
We will help organizations to develop a network security blueprint that is structured, efficient, controlled and assured which will result in:
Reduced risk: With stronger network security defences, the organisation and its data will be less exposed to internal and external threats, preventing downtime and boosting shareholder and customer confidence.

Lower costs: By reducing the risk of a security breach, organisations will be protected against expensive data loss or financial penalties arising from non-compliance. Computacenter also help to identify the most appropriate risk/cost balance for your organisation and optimise your security solutions to reduce expenditure.

Greater agility: With assured levels of network security, new business services can be deployed more quickly and with less associated risk and expense.

Compliance: Maintaining compliance is a major financial and operational cost. Our services not only help to determine the current state of compliance but equally designs and deploys solutions to ease the ongoing management of the security compliance challenge.

Web Design And Development

We are passionate about the opportunity to help you achieve a web design that you are proud of. Our expertise in designing will also ensure that your website leaves your competitors far behind. We design website that are compliant with industrial standards. This means building a strong foundation for your web design to maximize usability and consistency across different web and mobile browsers. The below given services we provide under the banner of Website Designing.
They are basically Company Profile kind Websites.
These website are for business having various services/products.
Blog is the best way to showcase your thoughts and ideas.
The easiest way to open a store where the whole world can visit.
Web Development
We provide this service to already designed websites.
Web Hosting
Hosting is also provided with Designing.
Domain Register
We even do DOMAIN Registration for you.
Web Maintenance
Web Maintenance is the most important parameter with designing.

Website Revamping
We do this for old or traditionally designed Websites.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is basically marketing / promoting your goods and services with the help of the internet world like Google, Facebook, etc. The kind of reach the e-world currently has is tremendous. You get benefits like, huge audience looking at your product or service, global reach, hitting the right target audience and the most important ROI. We provide the below given services which directly benefits your business for future well planned growth
Search Engine Optimisation
Optimizing your website in such a way that it ranks 1st.
Social Media Networking
It includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.
Google Adwords
Promoting your website through Google Marketing Activities.
Pay Per Click
Advertising your product/service through search engines.
Display Ads
Ads in related business websites with Google Display ads.
E-mail Marketing
Bulk Email Marketing to Promotes your business to your customers.
SMS Marketing
We even provide SMS Marketing services to reach more people.


IT Equipment Distribution

 Desktop
 Notebook
 Servers
 Monitors
 Laser Printers
 Inkjet Printers
 Scanners
 Dot matrix printers
 IP telephony
 Routers
 Network security devices
 Support packs
 Switches
 Wireless
 Flash memory drive
 Tape drives and libraries
 Business Application
 Operating system

 Inks (Inkjets)
 Print head
 Ribbons
 Tape, CD and DVDs
 Toner (laser)

 Multimedia Projector
 Head set

We provide a wide range of IT Training Course to individuals and companies
ICT Infastructure Development
Our main ICT Infrastructure solutions include remote access to your organisation’s systems for your...
Web Design
This is our web design sample
Digital Marketing
IT Equipment
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Unified Communication and Collaboration

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